Thursday, January 17, 2008

My new room...

I got into Longview last night so I have been working on getting settle in at my Grandma's house. I will be staying here for a while until I get figured out where I will be working and are some pictures of my new living space.

Here is my bed...

And here is the view from my window beside my bed...I have organized and cleaned stuff up since I took this picture, so imagine it without the suitcase and stuff all over the floor...


  1. Tirza came into the kitchen today and said,

    "Where's Heidi?"

    "She's gone bye-bye," we tell her.

    "Where's Jasmine?"

    Ummmmmm. "She's gone bye-bye too," we say.


  2. Hard to believe that 5 boys grew up in the upstairs of that house. I don't think if every looked that nice back then.