Thursday, May 26, 2011

to college and beyond..

Never say never, we are headed back to college! Long story and after a long day at the computer I am so not prepared to sit and write the details BUT we will be making a big move very soon!
We are excited and finding it pretty fun to sell our stuff (big furniture and things like that) in order to pay for our move to North Carolina. We will be going to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for us to both get our degrees and hopefully get some seminary in there too!
Look for updates whenever we can find a generous computer owner to lend us a few minutes on their laptop! (another thing we need for school!)
For now we know that we will be moving at the end of August to get there and get settled, hopefully find jobs and get some money in the bank for tuition/fees/books/etc by the time school starts in January.
Pray for us as we make this transition, some of our friends 'get it' many of them don't, so that is kind of a challenge. Pray for us as we do what we can to make and save of the money we need to make the big move across the country.