Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, this is a bit late in coming but for the last few weeks everyone in my family was together in Jackson, TN. We had a good time with everyone together for Christmas...those pictures are on my computer that I had to leave in Jackson so maybe someday I'll post those. For now, some random shots and some catfish cabin pictures will have to do.
Here are Sahara, Bria and Tirza after getting their faces looks like Bria already washed hers off.

Bria at Catfish Cabin...Kara made Indian food for everyone...yum!Tirza loves my new boots...All the kids watching a movie...I guess Tirza was busy with something else when I took this picture.Wesley is serious about watching tv...We take up a big table at Catfish is SO good!
Isaiah and his fake grin...

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