Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Logging on the Yukon...

First off, we already have fallen in love with the area and the Yukon River but we especially appreciated the Yukon and this barge for bringing our things to us so quickly!

 The other day a friend asked us to come and help bring in some drift wood from the river, here are some pictures from our day. We had fun helping pull logs in as he brought them to shore on his boat.
Doug and Martin

Doug and geared up

Getting logs from the river.

 Once we were done he took us out on the boat to enjoy the beauty of the Yukon and to see Galena from a different viewpoint.



We made it to Alaska! After a long trip from North Carolina, a lovely visit with family and friends in Washington and then a final short flight North...we are here!
 While we were in Fairbanks, we got to play tourist for a day and saw a part of the pipeline:)

 Here we are about to board our flight to Galena!
 This is a shot of the Yukon River as we flew over it...right before we landed in Galena!