Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something to sit on...

We have living room furniture! Someone was getting rid of their furniture to make room for new stuff..soooo, Doug went and picked these up today.
Our couch...
They even gave us a chair that sort of matches!

Our living room...we are feeling all grown up now with some real furniture to sit on!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A (free) night on the town...

Last night Doug and I went down town Raleigh to see what Raleigh has to offer...for a couple of broke college students! First off, because of his new job, one of his buddies let us park at 'his' building so we didn't have to pay for parking :).
Then, we were walking around and saw there was a performing arts center so decided to take a look around. We were walking around looking at posters and all the fancy stuff when a man asked us if we wanted tickets to the show! It was starting in just a few minutes and he was just going to throw them out we took them! Here we are right as the show is starting, we got to see Eveta...quite the musical! Now I still have "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" stuck in my head, but it was fun!

After getting our fill of music for the evening, we walked around some more and looked at all the huge fancy buildings around. Here is Doug, up the stairs at one of the First Baptist Churches...

Another one of the First Baptist Churches of old building though!

One of the big impressing buildings in downtown Raleigh...

The museums were all closed but we had fun walking around outside in the courtyard anyway! Here we are having some fun with the statues...

Another cool thing we enjoyed were these pillars in the middle of town that light up in different colors...we were impressed.

Doug...the trouble maker:

See picture below to understand the context of this photo...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun from home...

Dad got to visit a few of our favorite places in Kenya this past month. He brought back some fun pictures and sent us some great gifts! As I write this I am enjoying a lovely cup of Kenyan coffee! (not pictured is a beautiful necklace, it doesn't come out in any pictures very well so you all will just have to wait and see it in person) Also the scarf in the top left side of the box there is not shown very well here, it is very pretty and I would take another picture of it to post on here for you to see it better but it is in our bedroom where Doug is trying to get some sleep before his shift tonight.

Doug had specifically asked for a rhino and really likes the one Dad picked out! (this is NOT where we normally keep the carved beast)

Thanks Dad!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Something to do...

So, lately, in the evenings, I have been a bit bored. Doug got his job at the security company and for his shift this week he has been leaving at around 2 in the afternoon and getting home about midnight. It is great he is working, I am just not used to being stuck at home by myself for such long periods of time! It has been fine really and I have enjoyed neighbors and all that but during all these hours, I have gotten an increased urge to bake. This usually is not an issue but being without any baking ingredients or a vehicle to go get them with (or the money to pay for them!) I have been left with my desire unfulfilled.

Until tonight! I was on facebook and saw that an old friend posted a simple recipe for peanut butter cookies, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar and 1 egg. "I have all those things!" I exclaimed to my computer! So I made my apartment smells like freshly baked peanut butter cookies and Doug will be home within the hour..things are looking up!

She said that she put chocolate chips in them and I agree that anything is better with a little bit of chocolate, so I used the ball bake method and squished kisses into them after they were baked...Yummo!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Barney Fife...

So, Doug got his official training to be a security guard this week. He starts on site tonight and I thought I would share some of the pictures I forced him to let me take! I think uniforms are fun, so here are some shots for you to enjoy!

Doug didn't love this picture but he reminds me of a Ken doll how he is standing. I get a kick out of it so I figured you all should be able to as well!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

city driving...

So, this morning Doug and I began our newest new experience...driving in the city, in rush hour traffic. Why they call it 'rush hour' I don't know because it is more like 'slow hour'-which made our 45 minute drive into an hour and a half drive. It really wasn't that bad but it is his first day of work and he really didn't want to be late (understandable) and it was raining which made the bad drivers worse drivers.

We got him to work on time (actually a little early thanks to us leaving the house WAY earlier then we thought we needed to). I dropped him off at his new place of work and am now spending the couple of hours at McD's having some down time before I need to go to work. Apparently, even in the city, dedicated coffee drinkers get no respect. So, here I am, at a fast food restaurant...soaking in the calories by osmosis. Well, and through my hazelnut iced McCafe.

This city driving thing is not fun. We were so spoiled by out little Longview town where if you had to wait five minutes at a light you felt like some kind of injustice had occurred. Also, before I didn't have to get on any kind of interstate to get to where I was going. This morning we went on 440 then after I dropped Doug off, I drove 40 to 540 and am just a few miles from where I need to be now. Yuck.

Just something else that we are having to get used to, this city life is not for the weak at heart! If I had my way, we would stuff ourselves into our little Wake Forest town and leave sometime after we graduate, but alas we found jobs in Raleigh.

Pray for the Jeep, she's tired.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Midterm study tools...

I have two midterm exams coming up. I realize my study tools are becoming a systematic way for me to settle in and focus. Here I have the computer, notes, text book, pen, and candy corn...think I am set!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A fallday...

A friend of mine had a birthday over the weekend, so a friend of her's invited me to her birthday party this evening. It was a lovely time of the three of us enjoying coffee and caramel covered apples in the upstairs of our local coffee THAT's what I call a great party!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Instead of reading Epictetus...

It's Fall Break!!! While many fellow students have gone home and are enjoying a sense of temporary freedom from school, I am grateful for a week to catch up on my studies. So, I am at my desk and as usual, am finding lots of things to do to get settled and have a good concentration on my work.

I (finally) put up the curtains in the office, I needed to in order to study...the sun was in my eyes.

I swept and mopped the floors, this was necessary was bugging me.

I cleaned both of the bathrooms, which is always a prerequisite to any type of difficult learning process.

I cleaned the kitchen...because I went in there to refill my water bottle and it was messy.

I checked the mail...because, you never know!

And now I am blogging, this is important in order for me to clear my mind and settle into what I need to read.

And people call me a procrastinator...

At any rate, I wanted to blog to share our adventure from yesterday. We wanted to celebrate, having taken our first big test since starting school again. We both passed by the way, Doug got an A and I got a B...missed it by ONE point! So, we drove to the mall and in our frugal attempt to miss the greatest amount of traffic, we were pleased to find a little Mediterranean store and restaurant. We were admiring their menu of shawarmas and falafels when we realized they had super great prices! So, we decided to share a beef and lamb shawarma....YUM! Got to love dinner for two for under eight bucks! And it was Ah Mazing! (plus they gave us drinks and baklava because they were so nice!)