Monday, April 19, 2010

13 of 27...

That's right, I am posting a new's only been like two months. This list is from this weekend. Doug and I went to a marriage conference in Toledo and on Sunday went water skiing...
What I learned this weekend:
1. Marriage is pretty straight forward, if you keep your focus on the right thing
2. the right thing is Christ
3. it is good to be reminded that our marriage is ment to display Christ's love for the church and lead people to Him by how they see us love each other
4. I really don't like country music
5. the speaker used country music for EVERY music/video/multimedia emphasis he did
6. on the last day he used a clip from Cinderella Man and won me over
7. Water skiing is really difficult...
8. Doug got the hang of it

9. I didn't

10. just for emphasis

11. we had a blast though...I loved riding around in the boat anyway
12. sometimes church people are the worst business people...they made us pay way more than they had told us it would be at the start of the day
13. it was worth it though
14. Toledo has a beautiful park

15. we are looking forward to spending an afternoon there sometime...anyone want to join?
16. First Baptist Toledo has a great idea for their nursery/toddler rooms...I'd love to use it someday; it is all set up like it is a garden, so cute!
17. Driving an hour to get to church is not something that we will ever choose to do on a regular basis
18. eating out in a small town like Toledo reminded me of living in Kenya...we had to wait for forever both times...the second time we got sandwiches so it would be still took forever!
19. it's not a good idea to drink a bunch of coffee before you go to a miss a lot
20. it was really nice to go to an event at church and not have to worry about who was supposed to be in the nursery
21. or clean up after the meals
22. or restock toilet paper when it ran out
23. I look forward to going to future conferences like these with Doug...we had fun
24. next time it should be at a beach or something
25. 27 lists is way to many
26. next year I am just posting about what I did on my birthday
27. thanks for the encouragement though
the end