Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jasmine and her new best friend...

Well, yesterday I wasn't ever able to post the pictures of Jasmine and Mattie...we will see how it goes today...

Here are Jasmine and Mattie posing together...

Mattie and Jasmine playing with toys...Jasmine loved this toy of Mattie's but she could hardly even walk with it because it was way too big for her.
Here is their favorite game. Jasmine would stand up like this at Mattie's face and Mattie would push her off...sometimes Jasmine would end up in a roll on the floor but she loved it!
Just chillin'

I just had to add this picture...Jasmine can run so fast! (Mattie is hiding behind the dinning room chairs). Last night I had been playing with Jasmine and all of the sudden she started running, like you can see below, all around the house. Grandma just laughed and said, 'it's like she is a wind up toy!"...that explains it well.

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