Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Muffin recipe...

Hannah posted a muffin recipe on her looks really easy and yummers too...check it out at:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Washington wildlife...

So, this weekend Tom and Glenda were away for the beach retreat at I got my own retreat at their house. On Saturday and part of Sunday I had Payton and Kendall there to entertain me...then the elk came to visit too. We had fun watching them from the window, then from the deck. The girls were great about being quiet but Jasmine thought she would scare them away with her barking...they didn't go far though because they were still in the yard five hours later! I thought they were pretty cool...and definately enjoy the picts!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Excuse me, is that my right lung your sitting on?

So, I have been really sick. The meanest cough ever, high fevers, chills, aches...augh! Lucky for me, I work for my cousin who was very understanding when I informed her of my sickly state. That, and I keep her it didn't take her long to decide that she was staying home from work to take care of them while I got better! I think I slept through pretty much everything this past week. I couldn't even stay up late enough to watch American if that isn't sick, I don't know what is!
Once I started to feel on the mend, I took myself out for a movie...thanks to Mom and Dad's birthday contribution! I went and saw Fool's Gold...because the commercials look so great, and because there are two pretty great people playing leading roles in the movie, and because it was rated PG-13...good clean fun, I thought! Well, it is a good movie overall... the perfect chick flick to get my spirits up really. However, I was embarrassed for the families that had brought their kids to this movie! There are definately some moments in the movie that those kids don't need to be seeing...yet how would the parents have known? The movie was PG-13, supposed to be fairly safe right? I guess not anymore.
Ok well, I am done with my soap box for today...and the baby is stirring in the other room...