Thursday, May 24, 2007


Just because everyone else is doing it...

I'm glad because...

1. I can listen to my music on my new MP3 player...yeah! Thanks Mom and Dad!
2. I got to bed at 9:30 last night and slept until 8:15...that's lots of sleep!
3. I have a job with benefits...starting in June!
4. I have friends who know that the world isn't just Jackson, TN
5. I have a family that manages to stay in touch despite the miles
6. I have kids that I can buy swing sets for, and don't have to take them home at the end of the day(well not all of them at least)
7. I am part of a church that gets together during the week just because it's fun
8. I have a car that works...
9. I got a new Real Simple this week in the mail and still haven't finished reading through it...the best magazine ever!
10. I have really good excuses to visit Canada, India, the Middle East and soon Europe amongst many other places!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Candid Camera???

Sometimes my life feels like a sitcom. A good one though. Maybe sitcom is the wrong word but I am lacking a better one. I often turn around and wonder where the camera is because it feels like this must be made for television.
Last weekend was Relay for Life here in Jackson, I went with a friend and as we where walking the track we happened to be right in front of the stage at the exact moment that the celebration relay began for all the smokers now non-smokers. You know, they hold the banner and all walk behind it...yah, we didn't notice until everyone was cheering and clapping seemingly for us until we turned around and found the banner two inches behind us. At which point we leaped off the track and laughed, hard. This is the same night we rode the big machinery that you get in a bucket and a man makes the controllers go so that you make a big circle in the sky and stop at the top long enough to get a little scared but not quite long enough to see everything as far as you can it wasn't a ferris wheel, this is the was the JEA utility bucket.
The other night my friend and I were driving home from watching our weekly chick show with some other friends when we look up into the sky and see nothing but a bona fide UFO. We freeked..."LOOK!! LOOK!!! IT"S A UFO, OH MY GOODNESS WE NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE BECAUSE NO ONE WILL BELIEVE US IF WE DON'T, oh wait, it's an airplane.(laughter ensues)" We get excited about the little things.
Last night I went to Memphis for the evening with four other friends, it was a crazy night of laughing, trying on dresses, convincing each other that yes they look great in that dress, and all kinds of crazy stories that make each other laugh until tears run down every face. In the conversation about where we were going to eat, we all concluded that we were starving and had to go somewhere that gave us bread at the which point Janie googles the restaurant over her phone and calls Bol a Pasta to ask if they serve bread...maybe you had to be there but it was crazy funny at the time.
Today a friend of mine was going to a graduation with a friend, she didn't want to go but she was going to go with her friend for moral support. She told me this but in much fewer words with much fewer details and I offered to go with her...for moral support because I understood that she felt like she needed to go to the graduation but really didn't want to . At which point she made it clear that she would be glad to go with me... in the end neither of us ended up going as we finally realized that we where both just trying to be nice to the other and neither of us really wanted to go in the first place....thanks text messaging! (this conversation lasted 5 hours)
I drove up to my driveway today and next door a wedding was going on, outside, like a really important part, cause it was quiet and everyone was looking at the bride and groom...well until I drove up and this is where it gets rediculous...what you all need to know is my car is loud. Really noisy. Like the muffler is full of holes. So now I am a sound fixture in my neighbors daughter's wedding videos. (or son I don't really know)
I guess I just realize how silly life can be. How it's great that I can laugh at all these crazy things that happen to me and with my friends! These are just moments in this insane experience I am part of, this life that I live.

p.s. Does anyone have an idea of why my post doesn't have the option of leaving a comment???

Friday, May 4, 2007


Pray for Anna...

Anna's Mom wrote this in part of her last update...

"There is no more talk of "cure". Now we talk about "quality of life". I started thinking about that. You know Anna isn't the only one whose condition is "terminal". Aren't we all dying? Some of us have more time left than others, but everyone's time is limited. Shouldn't we all be concerned with the "quality" of our lives?"

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What's the difference...

I have been thinking a lot lately about the differences between Catholics and Christians. Some say the two are similar in many ways, some disagree. Depending on what individuals have been taught on either side, both labels can produce some misunderstanding and prejudice. I found this chart that summarizes well most of what I have found in comparing the two. It is interesting to see the differences and similarities and to think about why we have been taught that there is such a great difference in what we believe. When it comes down to it, it seems that we both believe that Christ die on the cross for our sins, defeated death and rose again. The very basics of the gospel and what I base my faith on...all the rest, just gravy or salvitic issues? Let me know what you think on this.
(sorry the chart is so small, click on it to make it bigger if you need to)