Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Someone stole my cell phone...

On Saturday I had a garage sale, I had a bunch of people from church give me their old junk so I could sell it in attempts to save up money to see my sister in January. It was a great garage sale, free coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts, great prices, it was practically a party on my lawn. I have to say this too, if it wasn't for the fact that garage sales start at the crack of dawn, I would love to host them more often. It really is fun! (Side note to anyone planning on doing a garage sale, if you want people to start coming at six-thirty they will come at six...those people are crazy!) Anyhow, during the second hour of my garage party I realized a very important part of my world had gone missing...someone had stolen my cell phone! What is that about!? Funny thing is my first response was the same as my parents..."that is something I expect to happen in Kenya but not here!" So, my regular contact with others has crashed to a screeching halt. I do have a home number but it has no answering machine and I even have a new cell phone now but no one is allowed to talk to me on it for more than 59 seconds at a's a pre-paid-per-minute-rip-off-phone but it faithfully takes my messages and keeps me sane.
So there you have it, that's about as exciting as my life gets right now...
p.s. Some have asked how my parents are doing...they came through Jackson on a quick trip so I got to see them recently. It was good to have them back even if it was for a short time, they are already back in TZ and planning trips to see my other two sisters abroad soon!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hi everyone

So, it's been a while. I just haven't had the inspiration to write on here this is just a quick blog to say hi to all my die-hard fans. (yah right) I will get back into this soon!

Monday, October 2, 2006

My jobs...

At my last job I got to hang out with a bunch of kids and then tell stories about the funny things they said on my blog. Now I work with adults for the most part and I have to say it is much more difficult to be patient with just seems like they should know better.
Here are a couple funny things I have heard/conversations I have had at my new place of employment:

A nice lady at a table I am serving asks: Are you from Texas?
I answer (with some question in my voice and on my face): No.
She asks: Then why are you wearing that pendant of Texas around your neck?
(the pendant is of Africa)
I answer: Oh, this is actually Africa.
She looked at me real funny and says: Oh, okay dear.

A man comes up to the counter and asks for our catering menu...
One of the other ladies goes to get it and I say: She will be right back with that in a second.
He replies: Oh, It's been a second!
I laughed (yes it was a fake laugh) and said: She will be right back with that in a moment.
He askes: How many seconds is in a moment?
I reply: Ninety.
(some people are impossible)

Two ladies occupied one of my tables and everything they ordered was low-fat or fat-free...they were obviously trying to watch everything they ate...respectively.
Well, I went up to the table to see if they needed anything and asked if they would like some more rolls. One of the ladies replied, 'yes, but could you get us the lightest ones you can find?" I thought for sure that by 'light' she ment 'not as well done' 'not crispy' not brown', I brought some back and she looked at them funny. I asked her if everything was okay and she said (pointing at the rolls), 'those look the same as the ones before'. I said, 'yes well they are all baked about the same.' She said, 'no I ment I need ones with less fat'. I said, "we don't have low fat rolls." She was a little put out...but seriously 'light rolls', you have got to be kidding!

That's all for now!

Just to clarify...

This is an outline of Africa...
This is an outline of Texas..