Monday, January 30, 2012

Care packages...

This week we have been encouraged by some wonderful packages! Our neighbors back in Washington sent us a package full of yummy snacks and food items...what a great gift!~
We also were outfitted for the semester with a bunch of books from Letha! Wow...that is a lot of reading (and two books are not shown here!)

Thank you for the encouragement of thinking of us and the excitement of finding a package at our door!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year, new helicopter, new nose...

Happy 2012 everyone! To ring in the new year, Doug and I have been enjoying some relaxing days between work and fun. We have a few weeks left before school starts back again and we are loving the break!
This new year we both planned surprises for each other (this was not planned, we both just planned and happened to be at the same time).

Doug's surprise from me was a fun new helicopter to play with...and he has been having lots of fun flying it around the apartment...

Doug surprised me with a trip to get my nose pierced! This was a surprise because I had been wanting to get it done for a while now but didn't think he wanted me to do it.
Getting it pierced...
I made it!
And one last picture for those of you who want a better 'view' of the piercing. far this year has been eventful and fun! What new things have you done this year!??