Sunday, November 26, 2006

Is this Bible written in English?

I keep meaning to sit down and write a last week and the week before that. I don't know why I don't have much to write about lately, I feel like I have a ton of stuff going on! Work is crazy busy since everyone is wanting to have holiday parties and holiday parties need lots of good food...therefore they call me! (not everybody but lots of people) Anyhow, all that to say work is busy and for that I am grateful but it does leave me tired at the end of the day so my social interactions are limited (to say the least).
Here is the struggle that is on my mind...if anyone has some words of wisdom, by all means, share! Lately I have been frustrated when I read the Word. I read some chapters and find encouragement, rebuke, and more understanding of who God is. Then I read other chapters and find myself skimming over words that seem to crash into my brain and shatter into misunderstanding before I can digest them into making any sense at all! Yesterday I was talking with a friend of mine who is catholic, we were having a conversation about the differences between our beliefs when I asked him where the papacy originated from. So he gave me a reference from Matthew, when Jesus tells Peter he is the Rock and appoints him the leader over the apostles. Later I read the passage and felt like I was reading a book in a language I don't understand. I don't understand where others find greater meanings from passages. When I asked a friend with an doctorate of ministry, he quickly new the reference I was talking about and what my catholic friend was referring to. I left the conversation praying...'ok God, why is this so hard? Do I have to get a seminary degree to understand more about you because it feels like I have hit the place where I can't grasp any more on my own!" Keeping in mind of course that I trust God to show Himself to me as He sees fit but why do I find the Word, the very basis of my faith, the thing I cling to when nothing else makes hard to comprehend!?
Anyway, there is my heart for today.