Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Time to take a Deep Breath...

"I sure wish I blogged more."...*proceed laughing.

I realize that this blog has sort of become something I update when the notion strikes me. But then I guess it always was. Hope no one is too disappointed because that's probably never going to change. Few and far between, that's how I roll here in the blogosphere.

Yesterday I pressed the "save and turn in" button for the last time this semester. I can't remember ever feeling quite as relieved as I did in that moment. Finally. Done. Breathe. And it was a lovely moment, a don't even think about what I need to do for next semester kind of moment. Nice.

Since that moment approximately 24 hours ago, I have been thinking about what to do with my new found freedom. Browse pinterest for waaaay too long. Check. Stalk old and new friends on facebook. Check. Talk to Doug about how his hair looks fine for the 15 time today. Check. Read most of my new book with anxious anticipation and then force myself to stop and save some for tomorrow. Check.


So this led me to consider the deeper things I have been wrestling with lately.

What do I do with all of these textbooks that clutter my living room?
Should we make an offer on the house we super like but they are asking way to much for?
Why does it matter so much to Doug that I use a coaster for my tea?
How do I get the microwave to stop beeping SO LOUD?
What should I make for potluck on Sunday?
How do I get this smell out of this one couch cushion?
Should we rent or buy?
Should we pay this adoption agency or wait for the state to do our homestudy for free, in their time?

Deep stuff huh?


So as I walked the halls of sleeping kids for the 7th or 20th time overnight, I considered this:

"Therefore, as you received Jesus Christ the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving." -Col. 2:6

Am I walking in him?
Am I rooted in him?
Built up in him?
Am I established in the faith?
Am I abounding with thanksgiving?

That's better.

I breath easy because I have been received and receive Jesus Christ the Lord. Not because a semester is over or because my husband loves me enough to pay way too much for Christmas wrapping paper. 

Deep breath.