Friday, May 30, 2014

This is a blog update.

I was reminded the other day that I have a blog. I don't update it much. Sorry about that, it has fallen quickly to the bottom of my list of to-dos over the last couple of years. Also, I spent a great deal of time over the last few years writing, and reading, and writing about what I read, and then reading more and writing more. Honestly after all of that reading and writing the last thing I wanted to do was sit down and write some more for a open forum diary of sorts.

So, for my four or five faithful is an update on our lives right now!

Update topic #1: School. I am fairly certain that I did post last December after graduation but just in case I dreamed that posting here is the info. I graduation from SEBTS in December with my BA in Christian Studies. It is a nice feeling, having that degree done. I didn't take much time to enjoy a break from school though and I am now working on my Masters in Intercultural Studies online at SEBTS.

Update topic #2: Location. Over the last few years we have been praying and listening and waiting for direction as to where we should hang our hats for the next phase of life. A few months ago we felt that we should pursue opportunity to live, work, and serve in a village in Alaska. Of course, God had worked out every single detail and we have been enjoying the pleasure that comes with moving to a place for no other reason than that God told us to.
Last month we were still in NC and right now we are in Washington enjoying time with family and friends. Come June 16, we will be headed north to Galena, Alaska and once we get there we will be able to share more with you about what we will be doing, where we will be living, etc...Nothing is a secret, we just have to get there and find out first then we can let you all know

Update topic #3: Adoption. Hands down, the most common question we have been getting about our move to Alaska is surrounding our plans to adopt. Let us clear up all (or at least some) of your questions and/or concerns. Yes, we are still adopting. Yes, we can adopt in Alaska. Yes, adoption takes time.