Friday, April 28, 2006

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Exposing The Sitting Toilet for What It is: A Health Threat

Thank you for visiting our website!We wish to share with you what we know about sitting toilets, including the specific ailments and diseases that they can cause, and what you can do to protect yourself.Although human beings are designed to evacuate waste in the squatting position, not many practise it nowadays, for two main reasons. One, sitting appears to be more 'dignified'. Two, a preference for form and design, not what is better. This is a tragedy, for contrary to popular belief, sitting toilets do NOT facilitate effective waste elimination…
In fact, the modern sitting toilet poses a GRAVE threat to health, and has been linked to many serious ailments and diseases such as appendicitis, constipation, prostate disorders and colon cancer. The TRUTH is that in the sitting position, it is physically impossible for you to evacuate waste completely and effectively.
If you still have a choice of using sitting or squatting toilets, the information we present would help you understand why squat toilets are better. However, if you only have sitting toilets at home, you have two options, if you want to switch from sitting to squatting:
(1) Replace at least one sitting toilet with a squat type; or
(2) Find a way to squat (not on the toilet bowl - it's not safe) over your existing sitting toilet(s). The first option is best. But if it is not feasible, we can help with the second option, by means of the Evaco Squat Platform.
By investing in one, you can - without doing anything to your sitting toilets - answer the call of nature the RIGHT Way: SQUATTING. It takes so little effort on your part... and it is so easy... yet, by choosing to squat for your bowel movements, you would reap a lifetime of health dividends...

You will not only experience comfortable and effective waste elimination everytime, but also gain increased protection from 12 serious health problems which have caused so much human grief and suffering over the past 150 years!
For this reason, I strongly urge you to make it a lifelong habit to squat in the toilet - with, if necessary, the help of an Evaco Squat Platform. With best wishes for your health, David, FounderEvaco Squat Platform Co

"I am thankful that there is actually such a simple solution to building health through proper and total elimination of waste.Serious hemorrhoids plagued my health after I delivered my eldest son. I believe that if I had known about the Evaco squat platform, my problems would have been solved much earlier. With the Evaco squat platform, my husband and I have managed to move our bowels better - in fact, we enjoy it more now! I would strongly encourage all who do not have squat toilets to get one!" Mrs Rebecca Ngui, Full-Time Mom
"I have always been told that the proper way to eliminate is by squatting. This is the reason why our ancestors did not developed the numerous diseases that plague our body (via the colon) today." Dr Akilah El, ND PhDNaturopathic Doctor

Routine schmoutine

We are all creatures of habit, in the morning I get up, take a shower, get dressed, check my email, wish I had a faster computer, walk into my kitchen, feed the dogs, (who, by the way know exactly where I will put each of their bowls in what order and that I won't feed them until they sit down and stay there), gaze into my fridge, shut the fridge door as I say to myself "I have nothing to eat", finish getting ready for the day (dry my hair, etc), go back to the kitchen, actually get food out and eat, look at my planner and then at the time, wonder why I didn't get up the first time my alarm went off, rush out the door to my car and go on with what I have planned for the day.
It hit me this morning that I do this EVERY DAY! I was in the middle of gazing into my fridge and muttering to myself about my lack of options as to which food would infect my body with preservatives and provide energy for a mere two to three hours when my phone rang. 'Do I answer it', I thought to myself...of course I would, I always answer my phone but the thought crossed my mind to let it ring. To be enthralled in the mystery of who could possibly have the nerve to call me in the middle of my fridge gazing...enough of that, I answered it. Just a friend calling to say hi, which turned into a twenty minute conversation that not only required brain activity (for me before eight in the morning, this is big) but also threw off my morning routine. You need to understand that before this phone call, I didn't even realize that I had a morning altering! I officially have a morning routine, I had a bad hair day today because by the time I got off the phone it was too late to save it (a hair straightener can only do so much)...all because of my morning routine.
Fact is, I have always hated the idea of doing the same thing every day, every week, every month...the thought makes me squirm. One of the biggest things that drove me to my hatred of high school was that we did the exact same thing every day of every week every single term. We had a bell that worked as a reminder to keep us on time but I felt smothered by it, like it ruled my life. In the mornings at 7:15 the bell would ring signaling that the cafeteria was open from breakfast, at 7:55 the first bell would ring warning us that we had five minutes to get to class, at 8:00 second bell would ring and we would be in our seats at our first period class where we would stay until another bell rang telling us that we had five minutes to get to our next class, this continued throughout the day until classes were over. Then there was another bell at 5:15 telling us it was time to go to dinner, then another bell at 6:55 telling us we had five minutes to get to the dorm, then the last bell of the day at 7:00 would ring to tell us to be in our dorms. I don't have a bell ringing all day, every day now but this morning was a scare enough for me.
I think tomorrow I'll change something.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


a little girl who needs out prayers...

Fact or Crap

A friend said to me some months ago something that she had heard, "this earth is the closest thing to Heaven for a lost person and it is the closest thing to Hell for a Christan." My best friend growing up used to use the phrase often, "what a day",we would write to each other and say, 'this has been a 'what a day' day'...and both knew that ment it had been hard. Although my stress over grades, work, and general life struggles has to be minor compaired to the fires of hell I have to say that many days my head hits the pillow exhausted and I think (with the least bit of enthusiasm), "what a day!". There is a game that my family has played in the past called "fact or crap", it's a card game and my mom won't play it unless we call it fact or fiction or some other 'nicer sounding' word. In playing the game you have to decide whether or not the statements on each card are fact or crap...true or untrue. Such is a skill that we all have to pick up in life, in college, in talking to others, in many areas of life. As I go through life in the world that is becoming more covered in crap by the minute I am anxious to see Heaven. Don't get me wrong, I see that many facts I am fortunate to pick up along my college carrer will help me in my future. But the increasing amount of busy work in my college courses speed me to my weary state each day and I can't help but think of each of the maticulous details that the profs pretend to care about are crap. As I end my hardest days thinking, 'this day has just been crappy', I find encouragement. Because there was a day that I would not have been able to see the difference between the facts and the crap that made their way in and out of my life and my mind. There was a day that this earth was the closest thing to Heaven for me, I was taking part and adding to the crap in the world. Now I know the difference between facts and crap and I envision Hell to be a place full of crap...even fuller then Earth, can you imagine!? Because when it comes down to it, any facts I hold to, any absolute truth I believe, it all comes from God, the very author of truth. So I see how this earth is the closest thing to Hell for Christians, weighted down but the crap of this world and the closest thing to Heaven for those who do not believe, with God always here, ready to listen, and ready to accept them into His family.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Who are these people?

There is this group of people that my family has the privilege to get to know, each of them have come into our lives through the years one by one, surprising us with their unique personalities and quirks. Sahara, the first one to come along I think came first on purpose because she knew she had to be the oldest in order to be the boss. She surprises me with sudden deep conversations like the time she explained that people who don't know Jesus will go to Hell and people who do will go to Heaven; and we don't want to go to Hell....very informative. One day this will be old news but she is missing a tooth and will leave Kindergarden proudly singing the motto of many five and six year olds, 'All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth'. Welsey came next...what a character! I remember a time when he was just a little baby and he was chubby...if only we knew that was the most fat we would ever see on the little guy! Wesley is multi-talented, he can sing anything he hears on tv, he can imitate any animal, he doesn't care what is going on so long as you don't get in between him and the tv screen. He is focused on what he is doing, he has energy enough for all of us, and well he's Wesley you have to meet him to understand. And next came Bria, she surprised us all with her red hair and spunk to go with it. She's the one who will do just about anything for some candy (or a grape tomato) and will not speak if she doesn't feel like it. All my life people have told me that I can give some nasty looks and that my emotions show on my face, this chic has topped all my face expressions hands down! Isaiah came next, what a ham! Always trying to act bigger to keep up with the older kids is hard but he is a tough one. He has sweet moments and many more entertaining ones! He is famous now in India, we should make shirts that say, 'I'm related to Isaiah DeLaughter!' Maybe people will want our pictures too! After Isaiah came Tirza, she is our newest so we are just getting to know her. She is a monkey, she seems to hold her own with a good temper but a winning smile and she has her priorities set. How many babies do you know that have figured out that there is only one time in their life that it's healthy to be fat? Well, she is definately taking advatage of this time in her life and I'm cheering her on!
Five kids, and that's just the one's I'm related to. There are many more kiddos in my life that I adore and each time I am with them I wonder, who are these people? What will they become? Will they grow up to make a difference in their worlds? Will their hearts be hard to the gospel? I pray they will all grow to know their savior, to bring their Creator joy by joining His family and bring Him glory by living lives pleasing to Him. I keep getting to know all these kids as days go by, as they grow older and eventually will probably be too cool to talk to me but I will keep praying and keep wondering, 'who are these people!' All the while hoping that they figure out who they are in these difficult years of growing up, and know that whoever they are isn't a mistake but an opportunity to shake their world. And eventually we will all be saying, I knew them when...