Thursday, June 11, 2009

Under construction...

We are working on the main wall in our kitchen...the ants liked the taste of the wood that it was made out of, so we are fixing it. It actually is going to be really nice when it is done and once we mud and tape it, and put primer on it, and paint it. It is a are some things I have learned in the last few weeks:
1. sometimes, a messy house for a few weeks is worth it in the end
2. I know a lot more about sheetrock than the average housewife.
3. For as much as I know about sheetrock, I can't figure out if it is two words or one...sheet rock?
4. Doug does a good job in the kitchen when the microwave is the only option for cooking.
5. measurements matter
6. paint colors matter, but not as much as you might think
7. Industrial strength vacuum cleaners are WAY more fun to use than regular vacuums.
I am sure there are many more to come...I would advise everyone to do a home improvement project with your spouse/family, it is really fun!