Friday, September 2, 2011

some things to report...

So the last few days have been fun and exhausting! I will update on our trip through Pigeon Forge and then into NC but first we wanted to get everyone up to speed on what we are doing.
Today has been eventful! We drove into Wake Forest last night (Thursday) in time to walk around and see a bit of the town and the campus before dark. This morning, we went to campus to make sure admissions had received all the paperwork they needed for us to start school in the spring. While we were there we were accepted (woohoo!) and informed that it wasn't too late to start classes for this semester. So, we worked out our class schedules and started school!
Here is Doug on the way to his first class!

Another thing we made time for today was an introduction to was Doug's first time there! YUM!

While we were on campus today figuring out paperwork business, we also met with the housing director who showed us an apartment that was still available through the school. We were able to get everything set up and signed so that we could move in today! Yeah for no more pulling a U-haul trailer behind us everywhere we go!
Here are a couple of shots we just took...we will try to get some better ones in the day time:
Our messy bedroom

A view from the front door down the hallway

The kitchen

Our first dinner in our new home!

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  1. So excited! I need details, what apartment number are you in? It's the same layout as I lived in with Autumn. What classes are you taking? Love seeing pics of you all and know where you are at!