Saturday, September 10, 2011

I drove...

So, it has been a while since I drove. I know, kind of random. But Doug drove the ENTIRE way here from Washington. Mainly because I was afraid to drive with a trailer hitched to the back of the jeep and because the jeep kept overheating. Then once we were halfway there it seemed appropriate to challenge Doug to drive the entire way...sort of an accomplishment I say.

At any rate, since we got here there hasn't been much of an occasion for me to drive because we have been going everywhere together and just have one mode of transportation. Yesterday, however, this changed. Doug decided to go study at the library right after class and I was feeling the need for a grocery run.
So, after class I took the jeep over to the closest grocery store...which was too expensive, so I drove to wal-mart to continue our patronage there.

Funny thing about driving in a new town is not just about finding your way around, it is learning a whole new set of road rules. People drive different here! I thought it was just me but after talking to a few other 'out of staters' I realized that, really, people drive different here!
How, you ask?

They drive fast...I can't keep up, I went ten miles over the speed limit and still was getting passed. (don't worry I didn't keep going that fast, I just wanted to see about how fast everyone else was going)

They ride your isn't rude here I guess, or if it is no one cares if they are being rude while in their car. I pulled over to let people pass and they didn', if you don't want to pass me, then back off!

They don't stop at crosswalks...figured this out on the first day and continue this realization every time I go to cross the road at a crosswalk. Pedestrians better be on the look out because no one is stopping. Coming from a fairly pedestrian conscious area..this was a big shock to me.

They talk and text while I realize that this still happened in Washington after the stricter laws were passed about no texting and driving but it is blatant here. Is it not against the law here?

And as a side note: the other day we drove by a cop sitting at a red light, EATING A BOWL OF SOUP!

So, besides pulling in my side mirrors and resorting to a more Indian style of driving I have found that it is simply a mental game before I leave my house and hop in the car.

Car insurance paid: check
Seat belts firmly in place: check
Salvation secure: check

and off we go...

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