Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some repairs, some progress, some FUN!

Today, after replacing a part in the jeep, we drove into Tennessee! That is one state away from our final destination this trip!

We made it to East Tennessee, Pigeon Forge is a great town with tons of fun things to do...so on our way we made reservations to stay a night in The Smokies.

I did not tell Doug what kind of town we would be staying in, so when we got here...he was very excited. See below: Doug's happy face.

Once we checked in and got cooled off in the pool, we caught the trolley and saw some more of the town.

Doug had looked at some coupon books and found an amazing buffet not far from where we are staying...it was really SO much food...again, see Doug's happy face:

I am sure we will have lots more pictures after we see some more of the town tomorrow...keep checking in for updates!

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