Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday night fooseball...

Tonight we are watching football, Cowboys are playing so we found a place to watch- college style. Doug found a group of guys who were heading out to a 'community center' in town to watch the the way our 'student center' closes at ten..WHAT? I thought we were in college! Anyhow, we are here, not so much a community center, more of an apartment complex with a nice lobby that is all locked for the night but they know someone who lives in the complex...I told you it was college style.

PLUS, there is free wifi.

So, I am here thinking that I should update with a great informative post but the last post continues to be mostly what we are still up to. Not that we aren't accomplishing anything, it's just talking about it isn't all that exciting! For example:

This week:

~we turned in draft one of a term paper we are working on
~we went to classes (I just got out of my night class)
~I stood up in front of class and gave a speech
~we started panicking about mid-terms
~we went ahead and started studying for our mid-terms
~we ate lots of noodles and cereal (and tacos, there was a great deal at the store)
~we watched A Christmas animated version...not that good
~I did laundry...kind of a half day extravaganza since we use the laundry mat still
~we checked the mail (about five times a day, waiting a couple of text books still)
~we chatted with friends (thanks and family (thanks sk.ype)

Good times! What's up with you guys?

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