Sunday, September 11, 2011

Furniture is nice...

You don't realize how incredibly convenient is until you don't have any. Doug got up Saturday and went to a garage sale and found us a few needed items...
As you can see in the picture, we still don't have a couch or a bed but we have two side tables in our living room! (notice how neat my table is:)

He also got me a little is SO nice to have drawers to organize some of my clothes outside of a suitcase!

And something that has already proven VERY useful..a desk! We have also found that every table is higher than our camping chairs sit, so we are glad that we chose to bring lots of extra blankets and pillows that act as 'booster' seats for us! I just realized that this is not shown in the picture...our pillows travel depending on where we are sitting! Also, notice the bookshelf? I found that at the dumpster yesterday too...this is a totally acceptable practice, as it is understood that people can leave their used items for others to take from a certain place right next to our dumpsters.

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