Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wonder works fun...

So, for a good part of the afternoon while we were in Pigeon Forge, we went to Wonderworks. This place is set up to be a really cool hands-on museum for kids (and adults). The story is that it is supposed to be this mansion that blew up into the air and came back down but landed upsidedown! So when you walk in, everything is upsidedown...very cool!

Once inside, you walk through a hallway that feels and looks like you are being turned upsidedown called the anti-gravity that you can enjoy the exhibits right side up...past the hallway was all kinds of simulators. We felt what it was like to be in a 6.8 earthquake, a hurricane wind and a bunch of other stuff. Here is Doug in some sort of game simulator thing...

Farther in, there were huge screens all around that were green screens but showed you among some thing that was going on, in this picture Doug is dodging the fish!

There is a whole area about space travel, we became astronauts!

Here is Doug trying to learn how to land a space craft...

There were lots of things that we got to do and see there! We had so much fun and will enjoy getting to go back there some day. Here is Doug trying out laying on a bed of nails!

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