Sunday, February 7, 2010

List 2 of 27...

Some things I like/know about Super Bowl Sunday:

1. It doesn't matter as much as most people (around here) think it does
2. I got a good deal on pizza because it is game day
3. friends are coming over to watch the game
4. I will be upstairs with the kids having more fun than the game watchers
5. we might even go on a nature walk, or watch Mama Mia
6. Football season has been over for a while in this house (since Dallas lost)
7. we have lots of food to eat
8. I don't understand the rules of the game, I might enjoy it more if I did
9. A couple of the commercials were pretty funny
10. I really don't care about football
11. I mean, REALLY don't care about football
12. I eat too much when I am trying to be entertained by something that isn't entertaining to me
13. our friends brought even more food to eat than we had ready
14. I ate, half a pizza, some chicken wings, chips and a few other things...before half time
15. The Who sang at half time
16. We fastforwarded half time
17. I spent the third quarter decorating cupcakes with a four year old :)
18. commercials are my favorite
19. I don't have much to say about the superbowl
20. I appreciate any reason to have friends over
21. I especially appreciate DRV on our tv
22. I found out the saints were playing at the very end of the game
23. I don't remember if they won or lost
24. making this list has made me think about football longer than any other time in my life
25. football on tv makes me want to take a nap
26. when I have company I don't like to nap
27. so I went to bed(and right to sleep) at 9pm

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