Monday, February 22, 2010

7 of 27

In honor of my last day as a 26 year old, this is a list of all the things I did for the first time this year:
1. Celebrated a one year anniversary with my husband

2. ate a chocolate covered twinkie...yummers
3. enjoyed swimming in 60 degree weather...the pool was heated
4. won a contest on a radio show and a gift certificate for food!
5. breeded and 'birthed' four puppies...thanks to Jasmine's willingness to 'cooperate'
6. got a puppy for Christmas and named her Rickashay (because of what Grandpa always called Jasmine)

7. celebrated Christmas in Canada
8. made bread in my bread machine
9. planted a garden
10. decorated trees outside as Christmas trees
11. got a Wii fit plus
12. figured out how to connect to the internet on my wii
13. got a free piano off of craigslist
14. stayed and played at the Great Wolf fun!
15. rode the 'howlin tornado' water slide!!!

16. became the Children's ministry leader at our church
17. took a paid position at our church
18. planned and directed VBS
19. bought a covered litter box for our cat
20. filled that litter box with kitty litter while the cat was sitting in it...he loves that litter box and refused to get out
21. took all the cabinet doors off my kitchen cabinets
22. found out that it will be better to replace them with plywood then to redo them
23. watched the movie Blindside (loved it, if you haven't you should go see it)
24. beat all of Doug's buddies at poker
25. was officially uninvited to poker night
26. got gifts from Portugal
27. ate a free cheesecake shooter at Applebees for my birthday...

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