Friday, February 19, 2010

5 of 27

List 5 of 27 is what I love the most about Fridays/and this Friday in particular:
1. an excuse to pick up pizza for dinner (Friday just seems like a good day to do that)
2. Bible study after work
3. the idea that it will be fine if I stay up late because I can sleep in tomorrow
4. the fact that I will probably be in bed by eleven because I am old
5. nice weather today...although I have to say, I saw a girl out in her yard is so not warm enough to do that
6. being outside with the dogs
7. 'mapping' out where my garden is going to be, any suggestions on what I should start to grow?
8. my pomegranate green tea I had at Bible study...yumm!
9. an easy work day, on Fridays I pretty much use the day to pay bills and plan for Children's programs at the church, today I spent most of the day planning church stuff with a friend
10. looking forward to Saturday
11. the start of the weekend
12. usually if Doug and I go out for dinner, it is on Friday evenings
13. relaxin at the house all evening...most of the time on Fridays!
14. picking up Doug's check and putting it in the bank (this one is usually nice, but this week not so much since Doug worked for a part of a day this week before his eye injury.)
15. watching The Soup
16. watching other shows that I didn't get to during the week
17. looking through Craigslist for no reason in particular, because I can
18. being glad that I like my job so much that I don't wish for Friday all week long
19. walking down Commerce and looking in the thrift shops there while I wait for time for Bible study
20. making mental lists of things I want to get done over the weekend and knowing that I most likely will not do any of them
21. paying bills, it's nice when we can
22. going through mail that I stack up during the week
23. wishing I were turning 23 so my list could end here
24. thinking about how every year I seem to loose a little bit of my creativity making these list even more of a challenge
25. watering my plants that have been waiting all week, because I forget about them
26. being glad that my plants seem to grow despite my lack of green thumbness
27. finishing something I started so I can post list 5 of 27...that's a lot of lists!

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  1. I'm to list 19 of 29! Try thinking of those last two items for each list - 29 is alot! Glad you saw my most recent list and joined in the fun. MASH always makes me remember AIC sundays.