Saturday, February 20, 2010

6 of 27

List 6 of 27, what I like and don't like about trying to grow stuff:
1. a like, seeing the sprouts come up
2. a like, being hopeful that they might grow into something pretty/use full
3. a like, eating veges that I 'grew'
4. a dislike, finding the dogs chewing on bulbs I planted...
5. a dislike, forgetting to bring my hanging plants in and finding them frozen in the morning
6. a like, working out in the dirt when the sun is out
7. a dislike, finding the dogs digging in my freshly planted garden
8. a like, pretty flowers with bright colors
9. a dislike, bees who want to hang out with me while I'm gardening
10. a dislike, the fact that those bees might hurt me and could potentially send my husband to the hospital
11. a like, really good dirt in our yard...we don't have to buy top soil
12. a dislike, huge stumps in the garden that I can't dig up
13. a like, 'self watering' pots...sort of
14. a dislike, the way the self watering pots overflow onto my kitchen sink
15. a like, the fact that the best place for my garden because of the sun is also right where the outside water source is...making watering very easy
16. a like, the fact that I live in the northwest and as much as the rain can be a makes it okay that I constantly forget to water my plants.
17. a dislike, I am afraid to grow pumpkins because our dogs think they are so yummy
18. a like, the Internet tells me just about everything I need to know about planting stuff where I live
19. a like, I planted marigolds a couple of weeks ago...I remember hating marigolds in Kenya, it seemed like they were a weed.
20. a dislike, hoeing (the grass roots are deeper than you would think)
21. a like, working with my hands to create something
21. a dislike, the dirt that gets under my nails even if I wear gloves
22. a dislike, not being sure if 'winter' is going to be over or not
23. a like, green trees all around, even in the winter
24. a like, having a hobby that is useful
25. a like, the fact that planting a garden is just a hobby for me
26. a like, little fence pieces that seem to discourage the dogs from digging in my garden
27. a like, tomatoes...

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