Friday, February 5, 2010

27 lists of 27 things...

Letha inspired idea of 27 lists of 27 things: I'm not all that creative recently, so I am getting a head start at my 27th year by beginning my 27 lists a couple of weeks before I actually turn 27! (yes, Letha, I am using all your lists until I can think of some other idea to list that I like)
List 1 of 27:
Things I am thankful for from this week:
1. my husband
2. my pets, I dogs probably mean too much to me but I just love those guys!
3. my's still fun
4. cake
5. tax refunds...yah, we already go that
6. sunshine
7. great parents
8. beaches
9. my new vacuum
10. pretty rocks that Grandpa polished
11. my new back porch step
12. pretty picture frames (and the pictures in them)
13. a new off brand Ipod, hey, it plays stuff
14. ne.tflix
15. new clothes from Kara
16. dinner with friends (okay family but Katelyn and David count as friends too)
17. kids showing up for church
18. Ta.rget
19. discounts for recycling
20. shake-n-bake
21. an internet connection(not a super slow one)
22. fuzzy socks
23. my comfy bed
24. Two-punch Tuesdays at my favorite coffee place
25. being really bad at math and thinking I was turning 25 this year...
26. card games
27. candy hearts everywhere!

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  1. so happy you like my lists idea! I will be checking to see what all you come up with - if you think of a great list before me - i'll copy also