Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 of 27...

List number 8 of 27...after a great birthday today: here are some things I enjoyed today!
1. waking up to pancakes for breakfast

2. getting a 'party in bag' from Gracie...filled with candy and with two birthday balloons
3. getting birthday surprises from Doug, a gift card for a manicure and pedicure
4. coin tokens to my favorite coffee place from Doug (fun way to get gift cards)

5. getting my new phone in the mail
6. having fun figuring out all the cool stuff on my phone
7. reading Letha's list about me...good one Letha, I should have thought of that for your birthday!
8. talking to Dad and Mom on the phone
9. all the many emails and facebook messages
10. birthday cards
11. going to walk downtown before dinner with Doug
12. finding a ring that matches Doug's wedding ring (sorry no pictures yet)
13. the excitement of waiting for the ring to be sized and looking forward to getting it!!
14. dinner at the new Indian restaurant in town...so good!

15. having masala chai after dinner
16. eating red vines all during work because it came in my party bag
17. getting a yummy coffee drink on my way to work
18. stopping at the next coffee place for an extra shot of espresso because the yummy coffee drink was too sweet...they gave me the shot for free!!
19. wearing some of the clothes Mom and Dad got me for my birthday a while back
20. knowing ahead of time not to eat the nasty Indian dessert they gave us after dinner
21. thinking it's been a few years since I have seen a bunch of balls of 'pastry' in nasty sugary liquid...but again, being glad I have seen and tried it before!
22. messing with my friend who was sure that I would be turning at least 29 or 30 today...ha!
23. having a good hair day with little to no effort this morning AND despite all the rain!
24. having friends that could go and enjoy a good Indian food meal with us!
25. looking through pictures from this last year for my new picture book Letha is getting for my birthday
26. coming home to a bunch of animals who were excited to see me...yet again
27. turning 27!

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