Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hat tips...

So, I was perusing some blogs that I often visit this morning when I came across a video posted by a friend that I had actually sent that very video to. But in her explanation before the video starts she says... "I ran across this video on YouTube..." It is funny because, I am glad she liked the video enough to use it...I am glad she posted the video...I am wondering why she skipped mentioning me.
Isn't that interesting! All my life I have groaned and avoid at any costs chapel services that are labled, "Awards Chapel" or any event concerning grown professionals dressing up like clowns and marching through the isles of the sancuary with the organ blairing some prestigious song for all to hear. I never have cared that some people enjoy staying at the same job they don't enjoy for 10, 15 or 25 years. I never wished I was the one standing on the stage recieving the piece of paper that says something I already know. I always wondered what in the world do those people do with those papers? Do they really save them? Because I just think that is dumb. Ok so before I digress any point.
I never thought recognition was all that important. I don't expect to be recognized for the things I do. That isn't why I do them. But maybe deep down I do...hmmm


  1. You know, I actually DID run across that video on YouTube and it was the first time I'd seen it. When I received your email at the time I could not get the link to open, so I never went back to look at it until right now. I thought maybe I just had never opened the link, but when I went back tonight and looked at the email, I realized I could never get the link to load.
    Sorry if I offended you; I just did not view the video until last week on YouTube. I didn't know it was the video you had sent me.
    I didn't purposefully exclude you as the source of the video recommendation. I didn't know you had sent it to me.
    Hope that makes sense.

  2. Human nature...we all "accomplish" things in life, some academic maybe, some relational, some personal, etc. I'm not one for the hugely public congragulations for our accomplishments either, but I think acknowledgement we all want. Even if its just a "good job", a "thanks", a "you're a great friend", or a celebration of so many years in a relationship....

    Good thoughts...

  3. For Glenna...
    It doesn't matter AT ALL! It just made me think about the reality of the condition of my heart. A good thing!