Thursday, August 23, 2007

I affect people...

Lately I have been having to make some really hard decisions. Thinking about a possible move, that means a new living situation, a new everything. This is something that I have always kind of enjoyed. Moving is fun for me. All the 'newness' of it. But at this point in my life, moving is not only a huge hassle-it is affecting a whole lot of people. I have found it particularly unsettling this time around maybe because I actually care but also I think that it just is affecting more people then any of my various moves have before. I am starting to ramble so I will get to my point.
The things I do affect people. The things you do affect people...probably more than we realize. It has become more and more apparent to me how actions I take and words that I say become important moments in other peoples' lives. In fear of boasting, I will leave out the amazing life altering words I have spoken to the multitudes but I will share this. I have made it a habit of having my devotional time at a coffee shop here in town. It is just noisy enough but not too loud, so it is just right for thinking. And the occasional person saying random things when they come in is fun too...and sometimes thought provoking....woh rambling again. Anyhow, the other day I was asking Nikki if she had been spending any time reading the Bible. She looked at me funny, shrugged and walked into the other room. I thought about letting it go but then decided to pursue. I followed her and asked her what the shrug meant (although I was a teen just recently I have already forgotten the language). She said, 'why are you always asking me if I have been reading my Bible? You never read it." OUCH! I realized that I haven't been setting a good example and that, although my time 'alone' in the word is good and I am not giving that up...I need to be reading the Bible with an audience too.

I am just sharing to make my point... what we do, or I guess in this case, sometimes what we don't do, effects people.

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