Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I have a bird. A beautiful blue parakeet named Lucy. I have had her for about a month now and she hates me. I have done everything right. I went to all the Internet sites I could find about how to hand train a young parakeet. I have followed all the rules to gain her trust...yet when I hold my finger out for her to stand on, she tips her body back and glares at me. When I leave the room or sit where she cannot see me (especially REALLY early in the morning) she will sing and sing. If she can see me, she is silent. The bird refuses to be my friend.
This is another unfortunate thing. She lives on my desk, a place I thought would be perfect because not only does she have access to the window, she is also right next to me anytime I am at my desk. (an important thing for a parakeet, the experts say, is to have contact with their owner as much as possible) Well, the problem is that when I sit at my desk I often am reading or writing or doing something that requires paper. This all would be fine but Lucy for some reason has an aversion to paper. It is fine if it is just sitting there on the desk but on occasion I like to turn a page...and she flips out. I mean completely looses control. She flies around her cage like a maniac, splashing her water, spilling her seeds...she gets all out of breath. It is ridiculous.
The thing that is fun about her is that in the mornings she won't let me sleep past sunrise...not sure if 'fun' is the right word here but it is nice to have a friendly sound waking me up instead of my alarm clock. Also, she has made friends with the birds that are free to fly about her window. They will call back and forth to each other...it is really sweet. Well, I guess it is sweet I don't actually know what they are saying.
Well, this is the end of another almost entirely pointless post. This is about as exciting as my life gets!

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  1. Very exciting! The boys continue to beg for a pet. Guess its too bad you got a psycho.. :) Our friends here got a crazy cat but in the end it ran away and they now have two nice (normal) kittens. I'm ready to see a picture of the pretty bird!