Friday, August 24, 2007

I haven't posted an update on Anna in a while. Keep praying.
Here is her mom's latest post (as of 08/24/07):
Yesterday was hard and scary. But God was faithful and sent people to be with me off and on throughout the day so I wouldn't feel alone. Anna's temp got up to 103, but this morning she feels cool. (She's still asleep.) I had my bag packed for the hospital last night, but her counts came back above 500 and the doctor told us that we were doing all we could for her at home--so we stayed. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for Shelley, Kay, Arlene, and Jennifer who came to visit. Thank you for Big Sky bread which is all Anna has eaten in 24 hours (including a piece at 3am). Thank you for my wonderful husband who holds me together when I am falling apart. Thank you for the doctor who didn't make us go to the hospital. Thank you for the home health nurse who came to draw the labs. Thank you for the chance to walk by the lake this morning. Thank you that my kids love school. Thank you for Sittie and Pop babysitting tonight. Wow! Once I get started being thankful it's hard to stop! Lord, give me a grateful heart today and cast out this spirit of fear that does NOT come from you. Amen,Marlo

My life is lacking tragedy...I hope I can be as thankful as this mom who has a dying child.

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