Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're moving...

Because we think it is just so much fun and a great way to organize and reorganize our belongings...we have decided to move. Ya right! Some friends of ours that we go to church with happen to be moving out of their house into one that is more suitable for their family's needs...and have offered us their 'old' house to us. We are VERY excited about it because:
a. it is waaaaay less rent to pay each month
b. it is out of town
c. it is out of town
d. it is bigger than our current house
e. it is nicer than our current house
f. it is waaaaaaay less rent each month
g. it is out of town
h. we really love the house
i. there are trees

did i mention that it is way less rent each month and that it is out of town?
'Cuz it is.

Pictures to come...most likely we will be moving at the end of after Christmas, whoever wants to help load up some stuffage...comeonover!!!

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