Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life is different there...

I thought this was a great video...and a great song is funny when I come across videos like these, I miss the good old days. Videos and people that remind me of the many many children like them and pictures taken like these...that I have experienced. I makes me miss always having a baby to hold during church..even if they did pee on me, always having someone touch my hair and giggle, shaking hands with EVERYONE, nyama choma, and all those great things that as a kid...I thought were normal for everyone. But now I just miss. Someone asked me the age old question the other day..."what was it like growing up as a missionary kid oversees?" To this day I am not sure how people expect me to answer that! I told her it was just normal for me, that I love that I had the experiences that I did, that I miss it, and that she should make her kids travel too...that she should definitely travel as well! I wish for everyone that they get to see, touch, taste and absolutely smell...Africa.

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