Friday, November 14, 2008

More things that make me happy...

1. Stuff that's on sale, and then on sale again, and also 50% off
2. honey-combs
3. the litter box in the shed (not in the house)
4. scrap booking supplies
5. tacos (that is not swahili)
6. coupons
7. febreze AIR effects (rocky springs and cool)...I actually smile when I spray it...which evidently was a limited edition scent because it is now nowhere to be found, my 9.7 ounces is kapeesh
8. clean floors
9. my stash of sharpie pens
10. fridge magnets
11. Christmas shopping (pre-season)
12. surprises...when I know about them
13. the knowledge that each and every DMV will eventually pass away
14. mileage checks
15. 20/20 vision...yah, waking up, looking at the clock and seeing more than a red's GREAT!
16. handwritten letters
17. Hallmark stores
18. Doug

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