Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...we'll be back in a few weeks...

So, about the previous post. Yah, he sure was cute...but turns out, a little clueless. Jasmine has a different boyfriend now...who knows what he is doing (ahem), she will see him again on Tuesday.:)

This week is Thanksgiving...which is wonderful because of the food, and for the fans...the football. Well, at least the American sense of the word. Let me just say to everyone out there...DVR just might be a marriage saver. It took Doug approximately 30-45 minutes to watch a three hour game today...HALLELUJAH!!!
Right, back to Thanksgiving. We get to do it twice, noon is at my aunt and uncle's..and after that we will be headed out of town to Doug's sisters house. This will be our first holiday shared with extended we are excited, I think.

Tuesday of this week, however starts our ever approaching foster parenting training hours...not sure if I am supposed to put both 'ing's in there but you get it. Our training hours will restart the next week with our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and then the next week that same schedule as well as a FULL Saturday session. From there it is doctor visits, records, paperwork, fingerprinting, more classes, paperwork, CPR training, BBP training, paperwork, and then a home inspection..which is going to happen after we move of course. And after we find a fridge and washer and dryer, and redo the kitchen and bedroom floor, and the living room walls...and a few other touch ups...:) We are hoping by February or so...

Wow, this is a wordy post...I'll quit now.

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  1. We will be praying for you as you enter this excting chapter in your lives. Scott and I went through the foster parent training several years ago. You guys will be a wonderful blessing to the children that will come into your lives!