Monday, February 18, 2008


So, I got my car late Saturday, talked to dad that night, headed for Canada early Sunday morning. I left Longview at six and got to their house at around eleven...pretty great! For lunch we went for Indian food...sooooo good! At lunch, I got to meet their friends, Ameen and Zapita. After that we headed for the Sky Train....which is called the sky train for a is a picture of one of the parts we "flew" on...

After the Sky Train we took the Sea Train across the water to North Vancouver. It was neat to see the city, walk around and enjoy a coffee in the Quoy in North Vancouver. Sometime I will come back and remember my camera when we go because the market is really fun there!

Today, we went to a great big mall then after picking up Jasmine from the house...headed for the beach. We walked for a while and out onto a peir...then went to another beach because the first one didn't allow dogs. When we got there we walked some more with Jasmine and got some good pictures...I will post some of those later. It is really neat because you look out over the water and can see the snow covered mountains past is a beautiful view!

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  1. i'm so glad things are going so well, heidi! we'd love to hear from you soon! love you!