Friday, July 27, 2007

The zoo, a stray cat, and a Bible lesson...

Well, yesterday we spent the day at the zoo. By 'we' I mean, me, Nikki, Taylor, Hannah, Sahara, Bria, Tirza, and Mark's mom and dad. The trip ended with a nice big rain storm so we all got to ride home dripping really wasn't too bad since it was SO hot before it started raining. On the way home Nikki and Taylor and I stopped to walk around the Wolfchase mall. This is always entertaining, we rode the Carousel, had dinner, visit Build'aBear, had a cinnamon and sugar pretzel and enjoyed dessert before we headed out.
When we got home the kids spotted the stray cat that they found a few days ago...we hadn't brought it home but they secretly been taking care of it for a day or so before they clued me in on what was up. So...we let the cat sleep in the garage with some strict guidelines:
In this house
1. you will not be given a name
2. you will not act cute and cuddly
3. you will be loud and annoying
4. you will make us NOT want a cat
Well, the cat broke all the rules. She has been very sweet and cute, loves attention but isn't all up in our faces. And the kids started calling her Ebony...every time they say it I say...THAT'S NOT HER NAME, WE ARE NOT NAMING HER!!!! But there is only so much I can do. Today we thought we found the cat's home but alas it was not the owner and sadly, they didn't want another cat. So soon we will be taking a trip to the human society to deposit the furry bundle of joy...I am sure another 'sad day' post is coming up soon.
And to close, a funny story. I had found a 'kids eat free' coupon for Gunther Tooties so we were eating there for dinner the other day. While we were there Taylor decided it was the time to bring up the fact that Nikki owed him $1.50. She was distracted with a game on the other side of the room so I thought it a great opportunity for a lesson. I asked him if he knew what the Bible said to do when someone owed you money. He said no. So I went on to explain that when someone owes us money we are to be patient in waiting for them to pay us back and not press them to return what they owe. And that in fact we should let it go and not expect them to pay us back. He seemed to be listening but when Nikki came back to the table he quickly reminded her that she owed him his $1.50 and informed her that he expected the money pronto. At that point Nikki opened her purse and pulled out two receipts from when she had bought Taylor Icies at Target. The total of what she had paid for him came to about $3.50. She ever so sweetly replied that he in fact owed her two dollars that she wasn't going to ask him to pay but since he had brought it up...he aught to pay up. Taylor looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said..."You're Bible is right. I shouldn't have said anything!"

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  1. these kids are so lucky to have you. i've been praying for you today. love you!