Friday, July 20, 2007

A sad night...

Tonight is a sad night in our house. Mom (aka Sandy) left about an hour ago for her vacation, she will be back late Sunday night...not this Sunday night, NEXT Sunday night. This is a big deal for everyone in the house because she is going out of the country. For me it is just a little unnerving to have the mom of the children I am looking after outside of the continent. For Nikki, she is a little sad about not being able to talk to her mom the whole time she is gone. For Taylor...well he is doing ok for the moment. We celebrated his birthday early today since Sandy will be gone on his actual birthday (Sunday). He is busy being excited about all his new toys and being eight (sort of).
It was hard watching her drive away tonight because as she did Nikki sat on the floor and the tears started falling. I mean really falling. She was quiet and still but there was an actual puddle on the floor in front of her when I sat down next to her. As I held her there on the floor I got choked up thinking back to so many times in my life watching my parents drive away not knowing when I would be able to talk to them again. There is just something about hearing my mom and dad's voices that brings me comfort even to this day. So needless to say Nikki had an understanding shoulder to cry on tonight.
More updates to come...

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  1. This makes me think about how important it is that those kids have YOU!!!!
    Your doing a good work!