Friday, April 28, 2006

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Exposing The Sitting Toilet for What It is: A Health Threat

Thank you for visiting our website!We wish to share with you what we know about sitting toilets, including the specific ailments and diseases that they can cause, and what you can do to protect yourself.Although human beings are designed to evacuate waste in the squatting position, not many practise it nowadays, for two main reasons. One, sitting appears to be more 'dignified'. Two, a preference for form and design, not what is better. This is a tragedy, for contrary to popular belief, sitting toilets do NOT facilitate effective waste elimination…
In fact, the modern sitting toilet poses a GRAVE threat to health, and has been linked to many serious ailments and diseases such as appendicitis, constipation, prostate disorders and colon cancer. The TRUTH is that in the sitting position, it is physically impossible for you to evacuate waste completely and effectively.
If you still have a choice of using sitting or squatting toilets, the information we present would help you understand why squat toilets are better. However, if you only have sitting toilets at home, you have two options, if you want to switch from sitting to squatting:
(1) Replace at least one sitting toilet with a squat type; or
(2) Find a way to squat (not on the toilet bowl - it's not safe) over your existing sitting toilet(s). The first option is best. But if it is not feasible, we can help with the second option, by means of the Evaco Squat Platform.
By investing in one, you can - without doing anything to your sitting toilets - answer the call of nature the RIGHT Way: SQUATTING. It takes so little effort on your part... and it is so easy... yet, by choosing to squat for your bowel movements, you would reap a lifetime of health dividends...

You will not only experience comfortable and effective waste elimination everytime, but also gain increased protection from 12 serious health problems which have caused so much human grief and suffering over the past 150 years!
For this reason, I strongly urge you to make it a lifelong habit to squat in the toilet - with, if necessary, the help of an Evaco Squat Platform. With best wishes for your health, David, FounderEvaco Squat Platform Co

"I am thankful that there is actually such a simple solution to building health through proper and total elimination of waste.Serious hemorrhoids plagued my health after I delivered my eldest son. I believe that if I had known about the Evaco squat platform, my problems would have been solved much earlier. With the Evaco squat platform, my husband and I have managed to move our bowels better - in fact, we enjoy it more now! I would strongly encourage all who do not have squat toilets to get one!" Mrs Rebecca Ngui, Full-Time Mom
"I have always been told that the proper way to eliminate is by squatting. This is the reason why our ancestors did not developed the numerous diseases that plague our body (via the colon) today." Dr Akilah El, ND PhDNaturopathic Doctor

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