Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fact or Crap

A friend said to me some months ago something that she had heard, "this earth is the closest thing to Heaven for a lost person and it is the closest thing to Hell for a Christan." My best friend growing up used to use the phrase often, "what a day",we would write to each other and say, 'this has been a 'what a day' day'...and both knew that ment it had been hard. Although my stress over grades, work, and general life struggles has to be minor compaired to the fires of hell I have to say that many days my head hits the pillow exhausted and I think (with the least bit of enthusiasm), "what a day!". There is a game that my family has played in the past called "fact or crap", it's a card game and my mom won't play it unless we call it fact or fiction or some other 'nicer sounding' word. In playing the game you have to decide whether or not the statements on each card are fact or crap...true or untrue. Such is a skill that we all have to pick up in life, in college, in talking to others, in many areas of life. As I go through life in the world that is becoming more covered in crap by the minute I am anxious to see Heaven. Don't get me wrong, I see that many facts I am fortunate to pick up along my college carrer will help me in my future. But the increasing amount of busy work in my college courses speed me to my weary state each day and I can't help but think of each of the maticulous details that the profs pretend to care about are crap. As I end my hardest days thinking, 'this day has just been crappy', I find encouragement. Because there was a day that I would not have been able to see the difference between the facts and the crap that made their way in and out of my life and my mind. There was a day that this earth was the closest thing to Heaven for me, I was taking part and adding to the crap in the world. Now I know the difference between facts and crap and I envision Hell to be a place full of crap...even fuller then Earth, can you imagine!? Because when it comes down to it, any facts I hold to, any absolute truth I believe, it all comes from God, the very author of truth. So I see how this earth is the closest thing to Hell for Christians, weighted down but the crap of this world and the closest thing to Heaven for those who do not believe, with God always here, ready to listen, and ready to accept them into His family.

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