Friday, April 28, 2006

Routine schmoutine

We are all creatures of habit, in the morning I get up, take a shower, get dressed, check my email, wish I had a faster computer, walk into my kitchen, feed the dogs, (who, by the way know exactly where I will put each of their bowls in what order and that I won't feed them until they sit down and stay there), gaze into my fridge, shut the fridge door as I say to myself "I have nothing to eat", finish getting ready for the day (dry my hair, etc), go back to the kitchen, actually get food out and eat, look at my planner and then at the time, wonder why I didn't get up the first time my alarm went off, rush out the door to my car and go on with what I have planned for the day.
It hit me this morning that I do this EVERY DAY! I was in the middle of gazing into my fridge and muttering to myself about my lack of options as to which food would infect my body with preservatives and provide energy for a mere two to three hours when my phone rang. 'Do I answer it', I thought to myself...of course I would, I always answer my phone but the thought crossed my mind to let it ring. To be enthralled in the mystery of who could possibly have the nerve to call me in the middle of my fridge gazing...enough of that, I answered it. Just a friend calling to say hi, which turned into a twenty minute conversation that not only required brain activity (for me before eight in the morning, this is big) but also threw off my morning routine. You need to understand that before this phone call, I didn't even realize that I had a morning altering! I officially have a morning routine, I had a bad hair day today because by the time I got off the phone it was too late to save it (a hair straightener can only do so much)...all because of my morning routine.
Fact is, I have always hated the idea of doing the same thing every day, every week, every month...the thought makes me squirm. One of the biggest things that drove me to my hatred of high school was that we did the exact same thing every day of every week every single term. We had a bell that worked as a reminder to keep us on time but I felt smothered by it, like it ruled my life. In the mornings at 7:15 the bell would ring signaling that the cafeteria was open from breakfast, at 7:55 the first bell would ring warning us that we had five minutes to get to class, at 8:00 second bell would ring and we would be in our seats at our first period class where we would stay until another bell rang telling us that we had five minutes to get to our next class, this continued throughout the day until classes were over. Then there was another bell at 5:15 telling us it was time to go to dinner, then another bell at 6:55 telling us we had five minutes to get to the dorm, then the last bell of the day at 7:00 would ring to tell us to be in our dorms. I don't have a bell ringing all day, every day now but this morning was a scare enough for me.
I think tomorrow I'll change something.

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