Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Post #500

Just have to post a special blog post is my 500th post!!!! I feel like this is some sort of milestone in my bloggosphere so to honor this very special post (and to get into the Thanksgiving spirit) I am listing some things I am thankful for (I know, really original) these are not in any particular order.

~Transportation. We were especially thankful for this over this past weekend as we drove up to Virginia to see Letha and visit friends. (next post will have more pictures...)

~ Warm water. I love being clean and the fact that I can stand under a nice hot shower or sit in a hot bath is something that I daily am thankful for.
~Skype. Being able to keep in contact with friends and family and even get to talk to them face to thankful.
~Healthy bodies. Doug and I have both been able to be in class and get to work every day since we have moved here. We are thankful that we have been healthy enough to do these things and enjoy them.
~My bed. We spent a few weeks on an air mattress so each night I am thankful to climb into my very cozy bed.
~Free clothes. When we got home from our trip this weekend, we found in our living room, five trash bags full of clothes. I was able to find some new pants and dresses that I have been
needing, I am thankful for free clothes that fit!
~Clean laundry. We do not have a washer and dryer but we have friends who let us use their's when we need to, I am thankful to have all my clothes clean and put away tonight.
~Music. Doug and I enjoy many different styles and genres of music, I am thankful that we have the ability to listen and enjoy music. And I am thankful that I am starting to hear Christmas music on the radio!
~A place to stay. We are always thankful when we can get rent paid at the beginning of each month and have a nice apartment to live in. We were especially thankful this weekend that we could stay with friends while we were visiting Letha in Virginia. Not only did they let us stay with them, they fed us, took us to church, prayed for us and encouraged us while we were there...and even sent us home with some yummy gifts!
~Jobs we enjoy. Doug is thankful that he has a job where he is not only able but is encouraged to study and do homework assignments while he is at work. I am thankful to have a 'job' where I can enjoy children and be a source of comfort and support during a difficult time in their lives.
~Electricity. This is one of my favorite things, I am thankful for the many items I use that need electricity. The computer I am typing this on, the fridge that keeps my food fresh, the hot water heater, the lights, the heater...this list could get very long!
~My Bible. I am reminded how I need to appreciate the fact that I have a Bible and how many in the world to not have the privilege of owning or even having access to one. I especially love my Bible with many of my favorite scripture verses underlined and special bookmarks throughout it's pages. I am thankful for the constant source of encouragement, wisdom and conviction it provides.
~Scent. I am thankful for the ability to smell. I am often told that I have a very strong sense of smell and can smell things that others can't. Today I spent a great deal of time with a nine year old girl as she meticulously chose a small bottle of hand sanitizer. She smelled each and every scent and had me smell each one the end I felt like they all smelled the same! When we walked out of that store I noticed the smell of coffee and cookies baking...I am thankful for my sense of smell.
~Sleep. I need lots of it, my body demands it. As I head to bed now, I am thankful that I can close my eyes and sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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