Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a lack of news...

Sometimes I feel the need to update my blog, even when there isn't much to update on. Now happens to be one of those times, so here is what I've got!
Doug has been working hard each night from midnight till 8am...Here I made him practice to become the next poster boy for the company:

In other news:
*I am chasing a few leads on job opportunities but so far nothing substantial has worked out.
*We have been looking at classes for next semester and trying to decide which ones to take/hoping to get into the ones we want. We had some help with Doug's tuition for this semester but for next semester we are working on some options to help get some of his classes completed.
*Rent is due...apparently they want us to pay this every month.
*We miss our pets...I got out the camera to post the picture of Doug in his uniform and found a series of photos like this one:

Thanks for the rhino dad...Doug keeps it there by the fish because he feels that the fish is lonely...let me not fail to mention, this bowl is the fish's second house since moving in with us because Doug felt that he wasn't 'happy' in the last one...no comment

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