Saturday, October 1, 2011

Instead of reading Epictetus...

It's Fall Break!!! While many fellow students have gone home and are enjoying a sense of temporary freedom from school, I am grateful for a week to catch up on my studies. So, I am at my desk and as usual, am finding lots of things to do to get settled and have a good concentration on my work.

I (finally) put up the curtains in the office, I needed to in order to study...the sun was in my eyes.

I swept and mopped the floors, this was necessary was bugging me.

I cleaned both of the bathrooms, which is always a prerequisite to any type of difficult learning process.

I cleaned the kitchen...because I went in there to refill my water bottle and it was messy.

I checked the mail...because, you never know!

And now I am blogging, this is important in order for me to clear my mind and settle into what I need to read.

And people call me a procrastinator...

At any rate, I wanted to blog to share our adventure from yesterday. We wanted to celebrate, having taken our first big test since starting school again. We both passed by the way, Doug got an A and I got a B...missed it by ONE point! So, we drove to the mall and in our frugal attempt to miss the greatest amount of traffic, we were pleased to find a little Mediterranean store and restaurant. We were admiring their menu of shawarmas and falafels when we realized they had super great prices! So, we decided to share a beef and lamb shawarma....YUM! Got to love dinner for two for under eight bucks! And it was Ah Mazing! (plus they gave us drinks and baklava because they were so nice!)


  1. Enjoy your break! The swarma looks good. Yesterday Letha cleaned up the living room, said that she wanted to write her monthly letter and needed around her to be neat before she could concentrate! My livingroom got cleaned but I don't think that she wrote the letter:) We went to see "The Help" instead.