Tuesday, October 11, 2011

city driving...

So, this morning Doug and I began our newest new experience...driving in the city, in rush hour traffic. Why they call it 'rush hour' I don't know because it is more like 'slow hour'-which made our 45 minute drive into an hour and a half drive. It really wasn't that bad but it is his first day of work and he really didn't want to be late (understandable) and it was raining which made the bad drivers worse drivers.

We got him to work on time (actually a little early thanks to us leaving the house WAY earlier then we thought we needed to). I dropped him off at his new place of work and am now spending the couple of hours at McD's having some down time before I need to go to work. Apparently, even in the city, dedicated coffee drinkers get no respect. So, here I am, at a fast food restaurant...soaking in the calories by osmosis. Well, and through my hazelnut iced McCafe.

This city driving thing is not fun. We were so spoiled by out little Longview town where if you had to wait five minutes at a light you felt like some kind of injustice had occurred. Also, before I didn't have to get on any kind of interstate to get to where I was going. This morning we went on 440 then after I dropped Doug off, I drove 40 to 540 and am just a few miles from where I need to be now. Yuck.

Just something else that we are having to get used to, this city life is not for the weak at heart! If I had my way, we would stuff ourselves into our little Wake Forest town and leave sometime after we graduate, but alas we found jobs in Raleigh.

Pray for the Jeep, she's tired.

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  1. Yea for finding jobs! Boo for having to drive so far!