Saturday, October 27, 2007

My teeth...

In case anyone was wondering about my dental status. I lived through the experience at the dentist's office...yes it was terrible. I can't seem to convince them that MY MOUTH WON'T OPEN ANY WIDER!!! Anyhow, in the end my teeth are in great cavities, nice gums all that...BUT I grind my teeth. They gave me some name for it that I promptly forgot and in the end I had to make impressions of my teeth. Now I have a handy little night guard that I wear and it protects my teeth...or rather my ligaments...from getting irritated from my night grinding. Evidently it wasn't actually my teeth that were hurting, it was my ligaments. Good times...and I am not going back to that office...well probably ever again.
Till next time...

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  1. I totally understand--I have TMJ too...although, I thought that I had something seriously wrong with my teeth--turns out, the pain was actually my jaw. I have a night guard too--it helps some. Crazy how our mouths work!