Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ma ma ma ma Mazda!!!

So the other day I made a real big grown up decision...well, a decision anyway. I have been looking into trading my old car in for a while now but had yet to find a place that would take anything reasonable for it. Something about a blue book and old cars loose their value...those car salesmen don't know what they are talking about! Anyhow, I finally ran across a friendly young man who treated me like a person (as opposed to a woman in a car lot) who wanted to help..and I am sure make a sale but let's focus on the good people! I looked into some of his vehicles and then before I test drove anything talked cash...he was a little confused as to why I wanted ALL the money info BEFORE I even test drove any cars but he humoured me and pulled up all the figures on FOUR different vehicles that I was sort of interested in. After that, I was down to two...so I drove those. One of them was a jeep and was no fun to drive, and the other one was my Mazda Tribute. Let me say for the record, I have never been one to go for an SUV but I am thinking about a trip across the country soon, and well in the end, the thing will sell easier when I am ready to get rid of it.
In the end I got way more for my Chevy Prizm than it is worth...how that happened I have no idea. And thanks to Mom and Dad I used ALL of what came from Mr. Prizm to pay for down payments and another huge chunk off the price of MR. Tribute. I drove away with a much lighter pocket and a much bigger car. (For those of you who are finding out about my newest big purchase here on my blog...so sorry, I have been busy making the bucks so I can make my payments!!!!) ( p.s. mom and dad, my insurance DOES cover me even when I am in Canada...shout out for Nationwide!)

Check out the inside...

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