Thursday, September 20, 2007

I need to go to Japan...

Another fun conversation with the kids...

Nikki informed me today that she needed to take a trip to Japan. I asked her why and she went on to explain that she could get pearls there...real ones, from the water. I said that going to Japan for some pearls was a great idea but to keep in mind that she could get pearls from other places too. For example, I have pearls that my parents got me when they visited my sister in India. In fact, I said, if you want I could get them to bring back some pearls when they come to visit and that could be your Christmas present from me. She said that is a wonderful idea and thanks for saving me a trip to Japan!
I asked Taylor if he wanted anything from India, he said no. I asked him, was he sure? He said, well, an arrow head would be nice. (Umm...hello!?!?) So embarking into a lesson on the difference between the American Indians and Indian people who are actually in India was a fun and thought provoking conversation for all of us.


  1. Fun kids, why do we go and mess up the world with complicated facts ?

  2. These little stories are fantastic, keep 'em coming! And the whole "India" "Indians" thing is hilarious!