Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gifts that last...

Lately I have been thinking about some fun gifts that family and friends have given us that we continue to enjoy. These are just a few that come to mind...(there are LOTS more that I could list)

*a gift card from Star.bucks, Letha gave me a bag of clothes last week and when I got home and sorted them out I found a card with a gift card to s.tarbucks...trying to stretch this baby out but have been loving some peppermint mocha 'on her'.

*a couch from strangers, someone called someone who called someone, who had our number...and we got a call asking if we wanted a couch...sure is nice having furniture!

*great big cloth (grocery) bags from India, Kara sent me a couple of these over the last few years and I love them. I use them for so many things and so far they have not started to rip or anything! Plus, they are pretty.

*our t.v., on one of our trips up to Vancouver, BC to visit Mom and Dad we headed home with a van completely full of stuff. One of the items Dad so craftfully packed into the van was his t.v. We still use it and are loving it still!

*my kitchen aid, some years back my parents gave me a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas...and oh how it has been loved! It still has it's place on my kitchen counter and I use it each time I bake.

*picture albums, Letha has bought us a few picture albums over the last few years, they are so fun to make and then look at once they are delivered. We keep them in our living room and enjoy showing new friends our pictures from the last few years.

*Coffee!, I have a little bit of Kenyan coffee left that Dad brought back from Kenya this has it been a treat. I also have just a little bit of my Portuguese Espresso that Mom brought back...I am making that stuff last!

*Cranberry scented candle, Marlo gave it to me on our last visit and we keep it burning a few hours each day...we love it!

***A small framed crossword that my Mom gave me back when I was in high school. It says, "I have called you by name, you are mine!" Isaiah 43:1 I have always kept it in a place that I will see it often and somehow in all of our packing, I either left it behind in storage or have not found where I had packed it yet. Either way, I don't have it here and I have missed it.
This is one of those gifts that always reminded me of a greater gift, one that we all have access to yet some still refuse to accept. The gift of salvation is above all, the greatest gift I have ever been given and the small gifts that friends and family give always remind me in a tiny way of the sacrifice it took in order for me to be given the gift of salvation. Christmas is a time that everyone is giving gifts and getting gifts, I am especially grateful for the ultimate gift that the first Christmas brought us- Jesus!

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